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Some Pakistani Showbiz Celebrities Who Still looks Fit in Old Age

Some Pakistan Showbiz Stars who are grandparents now but they still looks young and fit and far better than new actresses.

1-Saba Faisal
Pakistan’s senior actress Saba Faisal has shared a selfie on social media, giving fans a tip about hair care.

Actress Saba Faisal, who plays the role of mother and mother-in-law in the drama industry, is getting a lot of attention on social media at the moment. How do you take care
Discussions of Saba Faisal’s ‘Hair Care’ on social media.

During the lockdown, Saba Faisal was busy with household chores with her sons. In the caption of the selfie shared by Saba Faisal on Instagram, it is said that while taking care of her hair at home, it is a domestic tip to steam her hair while staying at home.

2-Shahida Mini
According to Shahida Mini, an incident that took place almost two years ago forced her to become a singer again.

Shahida Mini also introduced glamor along with performances on songs

“When I started performing on songs, I used to perform on the songs of other singers. After my performances, it became a genre and many other actresses also came in this field and became known by the names of the actresses who performed on it instead of the singers. Then a well-known singer threatened to sue if anyone performed the song she sang.

3-Mahnoor Baloch
KARACHI: Pakistan’s evergreen actress Mahnoor Baloch is circulating some pictures on social media in which she looks more beautiful and young than ever.

48-year-old actress Mahnoor Baloch is one of those actresses in the Pakistan showbiz industry who has no effect on the past and she looks more beautiful and young instead of moving towards old age.

4-Saba Hameed
Popular Pakistani actress Saba Hameed has said that the drama has not been destroyed but has changed.

In an interview to Urdu News, Saba Hameed said that she objected to the use of words which say that ‘today’s drama is ruined’.

Saba Hameed said that the drama was not destroyed, only change has taken place. When such a large number of people are watching the dramas, then what kind of destruction?

The actress said that some writers are writing well, some are writing a little less well, some tell the story in a good way while some cannot.



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