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srha asghar celebrates her first birthday with her husband

Srha Asghar is a growing star, she has made few show serials where her performance skills were recognised by her fans.
Srha is very effective on social media, she prefers to keep her fans on social media discussions engaged with her posts.

Recently she received the news with her fans on cultural media that she is facing a lot of difficulties after the marriage.

The actress shared any photos with her husband on social media.
According to the features, the beautiful heroine of the Pakistani drama industry Srha Asghar shared her dilemma with fans.

The actress read about the bad habit of her man which she doesn’t like anymore.
Srha also received several photos with her husband on Instagram in which both look very happy, leading to the husband in the photos and inviting him to a big problem.

Srha Asghar said that ‘taking a picture with Omar Murtaza is also a task.

Srha Ashghar is almost new but has quite some dramas to boast about on her resume and is fast converting a well-known face in the industry who knows her craft. A look at the young girl’s appearance and you can’t stop yourself from smiling at that beaming innocence. She has dramas like Khoat, Zandaan, Meer Abroo,



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