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Those actress who got second marriage

Marriages of actresses have always been a topic of discussion, their married life has both failed and succeeded. Some people’s marriage is kept secret while some artists announce it with fanfare. However, when attractive actors from the film world come and make a married man their spouse, curiosity arises in people.

Today we are going to mention the actresses who married married men.

1- Sadaf Kanwal

Model Sadaf Kanwal has also been cited as one of the main reasons for the break up of Saira and Shahrooz’s relationship and she is still under heavy criticism from fans.

Saira and Shahrooz were considered to be the most beautiful and loving couple in the industry. But due to some private matters, Saira and Yusuf could not continue their life’s journey and separated.

Then model Sadaf Kanwal got married to Shahrooz Sabzwari on May 31 this year and both the couples look very happy together today.

2- Ghana Ali

Actress and model Ghana’s husband Umair holds a government post. Ghana is his second spouse. By the way, Ghana Ali belongs to the city of Lahore. She joined the showbiz industry from Lahore, but now that the marriage has taken place in Karachi, Ghana Ali intends to stay in Karachi.

3- Atiqa odo

Atiqa Odho, a senior actress in the Pakistani showbiz industry, has had three marriages in her life. Actress Atiqa Odho has revealed in several programs that she had three marriages which everyone liked. She had two children from her first husband when she got divorced, after which she got remarried immediately which did not last long. After that, Atiqa married Samar Ali Khan which is still standing today. Samar Ali Khan has also married Atiqa Odho before marriage.

4- Jia Ali

Actress Jia Ali’s husband, who recently tied the knot, has also gotten married before. There is a clear difference between her and Jia’s age. Jia Ali is five years older than her husband. Concerned personalities were told that marriage is a gamble. If it goes well, then it is not right to withdraw or a new partner. He married a Chinese woman, she became a Muslim and she was a very good woman and I have two daughters, but unfortunately we separated ten years later.



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