Thursday, April 18, 2024

Tiktoker Hareem Shah Video With Bilal Shah Went Viral On Social Media

Leading tiktok star Hareem Shah’s controversial video with her husband has gone viral on social media.

Hareem Shah shared this video from his Instagram account.

In this video, Hareem can be seen doing nasty things with her husband.

Social media users are expressing their anger over Hareem Shah’s video.

Earlier, Hareem Shah shared these videos from his Instagram account which was criticized by social media users.

In this video, Hareem was seen standing with her husband while in the background an Indian song was playing My Life.

It should be noted that earlier, the video of Hareem Shah drinking glass with her husband went viral.

Hareem Shah had posted a video on her social media account drinking glass with her husband.

In this video, Hareem Shah was seen sitting with her husband and drinking glass.

In addition, Hareem Shah had posted several videos with her husband, many of which were controversial, and users were outraged.

Tiktok Hareem Shah shares her photos and videos on Instagram every day, with several of her videos being shared on social media with political figures and actors.



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