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Tuba Amir beautiful pics after divorce with husband

Tuba Amir recently changed her Instagram name and she shocked everyone by proving that she is not living with Amir Liaquat from now on.Recently a girl named Haniya Amir confessed that she is the third wife of Amir Liaquat Hussain and for this particular reason she got separated from him.

Tuba is the spouse of Amir but recently she became a drama star and now her drama with famous actor Shehroz Sabzwari is on the way to go on air so lets check some pics of Tuba Amir after she got separated from Amir.

Syeda Tuba Amir,another rising star and entertainer and famous model of Pakistan Showbiz industry and spouse of Dr Amir Liaquat,posted a picture with her dad on her official handle of Instagram.

The main thing on which people knew that these two are divorced is when Syeda Tuba Amir removed Amir from her name and renamed it after her dads name,these were the hypothesis of media saying that these two are isolated.

If we talk about the social media platforms of Tuba,then she has a total of 330k followers on her instagram which is not a cup of tea to gain such followers by her hardwork.
You can she her official instagram handle below.

As you can see in the pics that Tuba Is looking very happy in the pics after getting divorced from her husband which is every woman’s right to do so,here are some more pics of Tuba in which she is glowing.



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