Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Umar Sharif Wife First Message From Germany

Pakistan’s most famous comedian Omar Sharif passed away on October 2, after which his loved ones are mourning.

After the death of Omar Sharif, now a video message has been released of his wife who was with him during the treatment journey. Omar Sharif’s wife Zarin Ghazal thanked all those who did not leave Omar Sharif in difficult times.

Zarrin Ghazal, wife of late Omar Sharif, has said in her video message that I thank Omar Sharif’s fans all over the world including Pakistan and India. Condolences are being received from all over the world on the demise of Omar Sharif. I would like to thank the fans of Omar Sharif for their prayers.

“I urge you to remember Omar Sharif in your prayers. I am grateful to Prime Minister Imran Khan and the provincial government for taking all possible steps to cure Omar,” he said.

In the video, Zarrin Ghazal remembers Omar Sharif. During the video message, he said that he used to go with Omar in every journey. Today, even at the last moment, I am with Omar. He took me on this journey with him, why did he leave me alone, Zarin added that Omar never left me alone. But just left.

Leading Pakistani actor and comedian Omar Sharif, who put smiles on everyone’s faces, passed away in a German hospital yesterday.

Watch video Here :



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