Friday, April 19, 2024

Umar Sharif Wife Zareen Ghazal’s Latest Update

Legendary artist Omar Sharif, who suffered a heart attack yesterday, was sent to the United States for treatment, but due to a long journey, he has been admitted to a hospital in Germany.

According to details, famous Pakistani comedian Omar Sharif has been sent to the United States for treatment by the government yesterday. However, due to the long journey from Pakistan to the United States, he has been admitted to a German hospital where he is being kept under observation.

According to his doctor in the United States, Dr. Tariq Shehab, Omar Sharif developed fatigue and a mild fever during the seven-and-a-half-hour flight from Karachi by air ambulance. However, he was hospitalized in Germany for further medical examination and rest Has been entered.

Dr. Shehab, the doctor of Omar Sharif, said that the medical check-up and fresh tests of Omar Sharif are being carried out, all the arrangements of which are being made by the air ambulance company. Will leave for

According to the report, Omar Sharif’s wife Zarrin Ghazal had to spend several hours in the police station in Germany due to the fact that Zarrin Ghazal did not have a German visa, due to which she could not leave the airport. She could only stay in the hospital.

However, he had to turn to the police for an emergency visa and spend several hours at a nearby police station.



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