Sunday, December 24, 2023

Unseen Pictures Of Nimra And Asad Spending Quality Time With New Born Baby

Tiktok Star Asad Pervaiz and Nimra Asad are the latest victim of leaked video scandal.Social media users are getting excited after alleged private video of famous couple ‘Asad and Nimra’ got leaked.Reportedly, Asad and Nimra leaked video scandal became viral on Social media and WhatsApp groups.

The leaked video shows the couple in private (intimate) moments.It seems that the couple recorded themselves on video camera and later on, the video became leaked on Social media by mistake of anyone of them.

In this age of social media, becoming an overnight celebrity seems a lot easier. This trend is growing rapidly in Asian countries and the young generation here prefers to be social media stars instead of studying. And that’s why today every kid has created an account on YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok and is busy showing his talent there.

In today’s article, we are talking specifically about Nimra and Asad. Nimra and Asad gave birth to a new tradition in Pakistan by marrying at the age of eighteen. Because they both believed that if we are in a love relationship then it is best to get nikkahfied because our religion Islam allows it. And that’s why both of them hastened to get married and nurtured their love.

Nimra and Asad are still studying despite being married. On the other hand, Asad has also created his own channel on YouTube where he uploads his daily videos. Nimra and Asad have millions of followers, and people love their content. At one point, Asad also said that his only income is from YouTube right now and that’s why he stays active enough to keep his household running.

Fortunately, a son was born to Asad and Nimra a few months ago and they named their son Azlaan. Asad said that he himself is still a child and Allah has blessed him with his child. Asad and Nimra’s fame rose when Nida Yasir invited the little couple as a guest on her morning show. And while attending there, both of them said that those who love should take the initiative to get married.

If you guys also want to see the pictures of Asad and Nimra and their baby, then look below.

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