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Uroosa Siddiqui Become Model After Losing 85 Kg Weight

Leading actress of Pakistan Showbiz Industry Uroosa Siddiqui surprised everyone by losing her weight. Some pictures of well known actress Arousa Siddiqui who has shown the essence of her acting in various dramas of Pakistan Drama Industry are circulating on social media in which the actress weighs a lot.

Uroosa Siddiqui has been seen in the drama industry since the beginning of her career with a heavy body but now everyone is surprised to see her sudden weight loss.

Uroosa Siddiqui’s weight loss discussions
Uroosa Siddiqui has been well-liked in the world of acting along with her obesity, but it is being said that the actress has lost weight to further advance herself in the drama industry. Uroosa Siddiqui has lost weight. She worked hard for three years and finally she is looking in a new form which is being liked on social media.

Uroosa Siddiqui’s weight loss discussions
While social media users are appreciating the hard work of the actress, Hina Altaf and Manal Khan have also expressed surprise over the pictures of Aroosha Siddiqui. “I was praised for my amazing performance.

Obesity is considered to be the root cause of many diseases and then the actors working in the showbiz industry, especially female artists, are very careful about their weight and take special care of their diet along with regular exercise to stay fit.

The actress we are going to tell you about today, her performance was liked by the fans even in obesity, but still the actress worked hard to lose weight to further herself in the industry.

A number of pictures of famous Pakistani actress Uroosa Siddiqui, who has shown the essence of acting in various drama serials, after her obesity and weight loss are going viral on social media.

Uroosa Siddiqui has been seen acting with a heavy body ever since she stepped into the industry and her performance in the drama serial ‘Tikke Aaye Barat’ also impressed everyone.

But the actress decided to lose weight and then did not give up. After three years of continuous struggle, Arousa Siddiqui looks different today.

Like other actors, Hina Altaf and Minal Khan also appreciated the weight loss of Arousa Siddiqui. It seemed.



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