Friday, April 19, 2024

Urwa Hussain Some Controversial Moments Of Showbiz Career

Urwa Hocane is one of the best actresses of Pakistan. She gained fame at a very young age which other Pakistani actresses could not earn. She went to India and she has done work in Inida but came up with a lot of criticism in Pakistan. Urva Hussain’s sister Mawra Hocane works in Pakistani showbiz industry. Both of them are very talented and have worked in many big projects. Gained a lot of fame compre to other showbiz actress.

Urwa Hocane crossed her limits in India! The scandal of Pakistani actor has shocked her fans. Recently, the images shared by the ‘All Pakistan Drama Page’ has surprised everyone.

Urwa Hocane was caught dancing in a night club in India, wearing revealing clothes and drinking alcohol. The actress was also caught doing shameful acts on camera.

Here are the pictures of Urwa Hocane dancing, drinking and partying in an Indian club. From her expressions, it is clear that she is in full drunk and masti mood.



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