Sunday, December 24, 2023

Usman Mukhtar Clicks With Cute Healthy Wife

Actor Usman Mukhtar’s wife Zaneera Inam Khan is being called the sister of famous Pakistan TV actress on social media.

Actor Usman Mukhtar tied the knot in a small ceremony yesterday taking care of Corona SOPs. He shared the photos of his marriage on social media yesterday in which he and his wife Zaneera Inam Khan are looking very happy dressed in wedding dress.

Actor Usman Mukhtar’s wedding photos went viral as soon as they were uploaded on social media and interestingly, people understood his wife Zaneera Inam Khan as Kabra Khan at first sight due to her resemblance to well-known actress Kabra Khan. While some people called her Kabra Khan’s sister.

It should be noted that Usman Mukhtar’s wife Zaneera Inam Khan has a double master’s degree in international law and international relations from the University of Western Sydney. He is also an Associate Research Analyst at the Institute of Regional Studies.

Usman Mukhtar said on social media that their marriage was scheduled for April 2, but due to lockdown restrictions from April 1, they had to hurry up. He has asked all his fans for prayers and best wishes for his new life.

Leading actor Usman Mukhtar, who tied the knot in March 2021, has answered some interesting questions about his wife, whose pictures are going viral.

Fans were not surprised when they shared the wedding photos on their Instagram account and said that they have been engaged in a marriage which drew a lot of comments from the people.

A large number of people wished and congratulated Usman Mukhtar and Zaneera Inam Khan.

However, the actor held a question and answer session on Instagram Story.

One fan asked, “How is your married life going?” The actor replied, “The best.”

Someone asked, “Which of your wife’s words do you like the most?” To which Usman Mukhtar replied, “She makes fun of me all the time. I like her very much.”

One user asked, “Where did you meet your wife?” The actor said, “We met because of a mutual friend.”

However, the actor also showed the picture after the marriage at the request of the fan.

One person asked, “Was it just your marriage or was it a leave?” To which Usman Mukhtar replied, “It was just a marriage, the leave will be at the end of that year.”



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