Monday, April 15, 2024

Valima Ceremony Of Naimal Khawar Sister

Naimal Khawar is cute girl of Pakistan showbiz industry and wife of famous Hamza Ali Abbasi which is one of the biggest star in Pakistan Showbiz Industry. Valima ceremony of Naimal Khawar sister was splendid and her sister was looking like a beauty queen and people posted good comments on her photos which she uploaded on social media.

Naimal Khawar and Hamza Ali Abbasi are considered to be the best couple in the Pakistani drama industry. And today both have withdrawn from the showbiz. And they want to live the rest of their lives according to Islam. And people are very happy to see them.

At present, Naimal Khawar is 27 years old. And she still looks like a virgin. And she takes good care of her exercise and her health. And she is now the mother of a cute son. And people seem to ask her the secret of her beauty on Instagram.

Naimal Khawar and Hamza Ali Abbasi are even more famous after leaving showbiz. And the last time he was seen in the play Alif was with actress Sajal Ali. And people still want to see the couple on the television screen again. But he has no plans to return. And he is currently writing a book about God.

Pictures of Naimal Khawar’s younger sister Fiza Khawar Walima are going viral on social media. People looked at the pictures and chanted the slogan that it looks like a photocopy of Madhuri Dixit. So let’s take a look at the wedding pictures of Fiza Khawar and Abdullah Khan.



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