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Wasim Badami And Sarim Barni Also Said Some Words In Favour Of Iqrar-ul-Hassan

An accident happened last night with journalist Aqrarul Hassan. Where he was beaten and severely tortured during the recording of the program. After which he was shifted to hospital. Her pictures from the hospital went viral on social media. Sarem Burney and Wasim Badami were present in the hospital with Aqar with whom Aqar left for home at 6 o’clock this morning.

Wasim Badami shared a video on his account in which he says that it is now 6 o’clock in the morning. After 500 different tests, we are leaving for home. On which confession says that my shoulder has shaken from its place, rib has been broken and heart report has not come back normal, I think that the house will be better so now I want to go home.

Sarem Burney also shared a video on his social media account in which he says: “Anyone who lives for the people, fights for the people, has been treated so cruelly. ”

In the video, Aqar describes the incident that happened to him: “There was only one award left, bullets and abuse, threats, betrayal, one thing happened for the first time that we were regularly stripped naked. Made that if you show our videos we will also show these nasty videos of yours on social media, we value all the institutions of our country and everyone wants these institutions to be fine then only my generation is coming Only when they will be able to live in a better and better environment.

Officers of the big company were seen taking bribe 3 times. He was also taking bribe while standing at the gate of IBA. We wanted to expose them. We thought we’d take this guy to his head, show him and tell him that there are black sheep in the company. This tarnishes the image of the organization. ”

He then said: “Instead of taking action against this person, the officers of the organization along with their entire team attacked us. And the stitches are like stitches on my head. The butt of the regular pistol (the back of the pistol) was shot by the officer himself. The person who was involved in bribery was saying that this person is also this, that is also, kill him, kill him. And he went out and called our driver and said, “Come on in, all is well.” ”

He also said: “The bribe-taker was leading the way. He was telling the people who were killing us to hit him and hit him too.” The most painful aspect of this was that perhaps no agency or institution of any enemy country is so cruel that my shoulder has been shaken from its place by beating us regularly. There are also stitches on the back of the head. There are wounds all over the body. I will also tell you the sensitivity of the wounds of the rest of my team members. When everyone was killed, we were blindfolded and taken to a torture cell and we saw a strange situation where one by one they started exposing everyone because we had exposed their corruption. So we were stripped naked and videos were made from different angles. For a while it felt bad that I was fighting a personal fight or animosity, and I was told to go around and do the same with the whole team, so the heart cried out that I am fighting this battle in good faith. Endured what was happening. The beating continued for 3 to 4 hours. Then the Prime Minister and Shahbaz Gul Sahib helped us in this matter. All the cameras and mobile phones that we recorded before that were smashed. ”

The confessor also said: “Alhamdulillah, the good thing is that all the barbarians have been suspended.” This institution is so cruel Pharaoh that if anyone does anything against them, they will be so cruel. This attitude is happening with a person who comes on TV while it is estimated that there will be noise on it, the action of political people will also be involved. If that happened to me, what would happen to an ordinary person? Not only that, my teammates and I were given electric shocks. We were forced to do all this at gunpoint. At one point, when I said no, I thought they would kill someone from the team, either me or someone else, at that time it was necessary to save everyone’s life. ”

Describing the traumatic stage, the journalist said: “The most traumatic stage happened to our audio engineer. He is suffering from kidney problems. He was treated cruelly. Stopping, bubbling with pain, we just told him to show it to a doctor, he was fainting, he was suffering, yet he was wronged. ”



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