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Wasim Badami Celebrates 37th Birthday With Colleagues

Leading ARY News anchor Wasim Badami is celebrating his 35th birthday today. Wasim was born on February 7, 1985 in Karachi. He started his career with ARY in 2006.

Wasim Badami, a senior anchorperson, started his career as a newscaster with ARY News in 2006. Due to his abilities and ARY News’ policy of relying on people associated with his organization, Wasim will soon host a talk show. The name of his show is Eleventh Hour with Wasim Badami. He is also a businessman running Wb by Hemani Outlet in different areas of Pakistan.

In this show which aired at 11 pm, Wasim Badami asks such a difficult question in such an innocent manner that the person in front cannot live without answering it. And fans of his particular style watch his show with great interest.

Wasim Badami also hosts ARY News’ special T20 cricket-related broadcast, ‘Harlemha Parjosh’, which is well-liked by cricket fans.

Wasim Badami also has the privilege of hosting a special transmission ‘Shaan-e-Ramadan’ aired on ARY Digital in the month of Ramadan and this transmission is loved by the viewers not only in Pakistan but also around the world Spend with ARY Digital.

Wasim Badami has also played a brief role as a news host in Pakistan’s most popular film war so far.

Wasim Badami is not only a capable news host but he is also a very cheerful Sana Khan and sometimes during the glorious Ramadan transmission he awakens the charm of his voice by mentioning the Holy Prophet.

Today, ARY News Morning Show host Sanam Baloch has arranged a special show on the occasion of his birthday in which Wasim is accompanied by famous public host Aqrarul Hassan. In the show, Wasim has made some very interesting confessions about his life. And he has revealed many important aspects to his fans.



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