Sunday, December 24, 2023

When Babar came to my house, he preferred to sit on the ground and eat. Babar Azam won the hearts of the people with his beautiful habit

Babar Azam’s relationship with his cousin has been settled and the two families have agreed to get married next year.

According to senior journalist Majid Bhatti, Babar Azam’s relationship with his cousin’s daughter has been settled and he has also got engaged.

Majid Bhatti said that the national team is also aware of the engagement of Babar Azam’s cousin.

Earlier, former national cricket team captain Azhar Ali had also suggested marriage to Babar Azam.

Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam is the star in the eyes of every Pakistani nowadays. Babar Azam is a true Pakistani and loves his flag very much.

Another positive thing about Babar Azam is that he also has good habits.

When Babar Azam goes abroad to play with the team, he invites the Pakistani players abroad to his home for a feast and treats them with the utmost humility.

Meanwhile, national captain Babar Azam was invited to his house for dinner by a man named Majid Majeed.

Four days ago, Majid Majeed shared a photo with Babar Azam and his brother in the caption of which he praised Babar Azam and prayed. Majid Majeed wrote in the caption of the photo that when Babar came to my house, he preferred to sit on the ground and eat. Allah likes humility, so why not make him number one. He also used the hashtag Babar Azam No. 1 at the end of his tweet.

Perhaps it is because of this humility that Babar Azam is the No. 1 batsman in the world of cricket as he is accompanied by the prayers of his parents and his fans.



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