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When I Got Married Third Time My Grandson Was In my Lap Atiqa Odho

She was holding her granddaughter in her arms at the time of her third marriage, and her husband’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren also attended her wedding.

In an interview with Fuchsia Magazine, Atiqa Odho spoke openly about her career, the state of the showbiz industry and her marriage and romance.

The actress said that she started her career as a stylist for Pakistan Television (PTV), having studied designing abroad.

According to her, she suddenly became an actress while working on behind-the-scenes TV projects and initially she did modeling.

According to Atiqa Odho, she started acting after her first marriage ended in divorce and she gave birth to two children, as she needed financial support to raise the children at that time.

According to the actress, she has already gained fame by playing the role of a star in the drama ‘Sitara aur Mehralansa’ and suddenly her life changed.

According to Atiqa Odho, after gaining fame in dramas, she was soon offered a job in films and her fellow TV actors also stopped her from working on the big screen but she did not listen to anyone.

According to the senior actress, after the failure of her first marriage, she got married for the second time of her own free will, but coincidentally she did not succeed and both their marriages ended in divorce.

The actress started acting after her first marriage ended; file photo: Instagram
The actress started acting after her first marriage ended; file photo: Instagram
Atiqa Odho said that they performed all the marriages with love and affection.

She said that she believes in a relationship like marriage, so she decided to get married for the third time in old age after two failures and she had offered marriage to her third husband Samar Ali Khan herself.

Atiqa Odho said that she and Samar Ali Khan had decided to get married quietly but when they told their children, everyone asked for a marriage ceremony.

According to the actress, her wedding was attended by her husband and her children as well as her grandchildren and her husband’s children and their children.

Atiqa Odho said that she was sitting on her lap with her granddaughter at the time of marriage, which surprised and pleased many people.

It may be recalled that Atiqa Odho was married to Samar Ali Khan, a founding member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in June 2012. Her husband has been a member of Sindh Assembly from 2013 to 2018.

Atiqa Odho has children from her first and second husbands and became a grandmother and later a grandmother at the time of her third marriage in 2012.

In the same interview, Atiqa Odho also humorously criticized Humayun Saeed and told him that he still appears on screen as a hero.

The actress said that she and other actresses like her are now seen playing the roles of mother, mother-in-law and grandmother in dramas but Humayun Saeed is still seen as a hero and this is a great injustice.

Atiqa Odho said that in the past she and Humayun Saeed have worked together as heroes and heroines and have also played romantic roles but now they have roles like mother, mother-in-law and grandmother while Humayun Saeed Looks like a hero.

Laughing, she said that she also used to tell Humayun Saeed that it was an injustice and that she had hired director Nadeem Baig. He framed and decorated her and presented her as a hero.

Atiqa Odho said that director Nadeem Baig is also a good friend of hers and she keeps telling him that she is trying to portray Humayun Saeed as a hero, because the actor has kept her.

According to the actress, Humayun Saeed has worked with her as a romantic hero in the past.



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