Thursday, December 28, 2023

Where is actress Andalib now and why she left showbiz industry

There are many secrets in this showbiz of showbiz which are buried somewhere in the dark but sometimes their veil is removed. Does anyone remember the beautiful eyes of the movie “Ghonghat” which Syed Noor introduced in the film industry while she was ruling over PTV.

She had beautiful eyes of actress Andalib. Once upon a time there was a world of dreams and she was a heroine of her time who had a huge number of fans. Because Andalib was young and the number of his admirers had increased immensely in this election of the film industry, then some people had become his enemies out of fear of his desire.

The loves that were once lost, when the time came to recover them, Andalib turned away. But then his Ghazali-eyed face was given acid. Andalib’s face was one third burnt.

At that time the question was not whether Andalib would be able to stay in the film industry now but the concern was whether she would be able to survive.

Andalib was rescued but her face was in such a state that she was kept away from the mirror for a long time so that she would not be discouraged. After this oppression many surgeries were performed and Andalib got much better.

The question was, is there a purpose to life now? Are there any colors left in the world of Andalib, or are they lost somewhere in the fake glitter of the world of showbiz? Ali, a car showroom businessman, entered his life in those days.

Ali not only married her but also gave her a very respectful home life. Now she is living a very comfortable life with her husband and children in a very covered area of ​​Lahore. But they have turned their backs on the world of showbiz, the companions of showbiz. None of his close friends belong to the media world. She didn’t even create a social media account. Because now they are happy in their home life.



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