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Who is beautiful aymen saleem

Pakistan beautiful actress Ayman Saleem has announced her return from the industry.
Actress Ayman Saleem has shared a story on her Instagram account in which she has made fans happy by announcing her return to the showbiz industry.

Ayman Saleem wrote in his Insta Story that “That’s right, she intends to enter the industry and will now be part of the industry.”
“Your sincerity and love has made me come back, thank you so much for being a part of my life,” he added. Are feeling extremely excited for. ‘
Emerging actress of Kistani showbiz industry Ayman Saleem has decided to return to the showbiz industry.

Actress Ayman Saleem recently appeared as a guest on a private TV show, where host Ahsan Khan asked her if there is any confusion about her that you are here today so why did you announce to quit acting? Answering this question, Ayman Saleem said, “What actually happened was that she is from the corporate industry when she was not mentally ready to enter the showbiz industry because the showbiz industry is very different from the rest of the industry.” ‘

In response to Ayman Saleem, Ahsan Khan asked Ayman if he knew about the rest of the industries. Ayman replied, “Yes, as she has done investment banking and consulting in New York before.” “Coming into the showbiz industry was like a life-changing experience for her,” she told the Associated Press. It just so happened that she was not fully prepared to do it.



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