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Sunday, July 30, 2023

Who is Fatima Tahir, and why is she trending after Jinnah House visit?

Following the political turmoil and public outrage over former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s arrest last month, citizens have come forward in a large number to stand in solidarity with the authorities that protected revered monuments of celebrated soldiers and army officials. From lawmakers to Lollywood celebrities, many public figures condemned the violent acts that led to attacks on civilian and military installations.

After almost a month of the attack on Lahore Corps Commander House, also referred as the Jinnah House, a student delegation from Superior University came forward to condemn the vandalism there. While the student delegation’s message was a representation of the nation’s youth on the current political atmosphere, it was more of a ridicule for social media users to watch a notorious social media figure to become the spokesperson of the young generation on national television.

The influencer, Fatima Tahir, who is currently pursuing M.B.B.S. from Superior University, was invited to Jinnah House in Cantt, Lahore, and condemned the people behind the attacks on defence installations.

Talking to local media, she said that the Jinnah House is our national asset and heritage. “The people and the Pakistan Army are united. Our army is a strong wall standing against the external and internal threats that our beloved country is facing today,” she added.

Although Fatima Tahir’s message carried nothing but staunch support, it was her public image that became talk of the town, and invited flak from netizens.



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