Sunday, December 31, 2023

Why does Amna Malik get only negative roles

Leading Pakistani actress Amna Malik says that she looks combative and conspiratorial because of her face, that is why she is offered negative roles.

Amna Malik, a young actress who rose to fame day by day, recently participated in a talk show as a guest.

Meanwhile, Amna Malik answered questions about her personal and professional life.

Talking about the various negative roles played in dramas, Amna Malik said, “She is always offered negative roles. She thinks that she looks like a home-breaking, cunning and conspiratorial woman.” That’s why they get such roles.

Talking about her favorite food, Amna Malik said, “She likes to eat only rice. She likes to eat plain rice with mango.”

During the show, the host asked Amna Malik to choose one of the well-known actors Gohar and Ali Rehman Khan, to which she said, She will declare Rehman as her favorite actor.

Regarding her favorite singer, Amna Malik said, “She likes Atif Aslam more than both Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar.”

TV actress and model Amna Malik said that Pakistan is dearer to her than her own life, for which life is also present. I was born in this country and this country gave me honor and fame.

According to media reports, my identity in showbiz is also related to this country. Despite receiving offers in Indian films, I have no intention of working at the moment, he expressed these views in a meeting.

The actress said that she is more involved in national films than the fashion industry. The great success of filmmaking has taken a new turn in my film career. I will be busy shooting the film in Islamabad in the coming days. The film will be released next year.



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