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Wife And Shan Baig Expecting First Child Birth

The marriage will be completed in two years after few , to which he said a great good news awaits us and my wife is about to become the mother of my child. My wife is a very good woman. But he realized that Mishal has great impact in his life.

Life is more beautiful than ever before. Little did they know that in a year they would learn so much and move on. May my wife always be with me and she is a great life partner and every husband in the world will seek a faithful wife like my wife.

In our society, the word spouse is used only for the female caste, despite the fact that if a woman is a man’s spouse, then a man is also a woman’s spouse. This is the story of a man whose spouse becomes two real sisters. This is religiously and religiously wrong.

The problem was so delicate that apparently there seemed to be no solution, so this was the occasion when the storyteller and the director himself got confused once they arrived, so after much deliberation such a form emerged. The story in the film is set in such a way that one sister is considered dead and alive, but unknowingly marries the other sister when the first wife is alive. The other had to die in an accident.

In this way the confusion was resolved. Filmmaker and director SM Yousuf has a distinct identity in making films on domestic and social issues in the film history of Pakistan and India. His fame in India was due to his superhit and classical films like Naik Parveen, Garhhasti and Gamashta. When he came to Pakistan from India in 1960, he continued his fame here by making film friends. Forgive me. The main characters in the stories of his films were mostly women.

As a producer and director of the film, the film proved to be one of his achievements, which made the meaning and meaning of the spouse common in Muslim society. Singer-songwriter Fayyaz Hashmi and composer A. Hamad created excellent and standard songs for the film, which proved to be the epitome of Urdu film poetry.

The photographer of the film Babar Bilal has used the lighting very beautifully in this black and white film. Especially in a song from the movie which had lyrics !! “Whose voice should I give except you?” In this song, in the effect of mysterious souls, the wonderful art he has performed, was worth seeing. The way editor Niaz Ahmed worked in his field is well worth watching the film.

The way in which the various entangled scenes were put together in the film’s tempo is admirable. Apart from the dialogues and songs of the film, the pleasant and clear sounds of the background music were recorded excellently by senior sound recordist Afzal Hussain. In the field of acting, actor Kamal played a serious role for the first time and surprised the filmgoers.

Kamal, who is known for being a playful and comedic hero, but for the first time in this film, he appeared in the role of a prominent politician, whom he proved to be a good comedian. Tragedy can also play a role. Actress Shabnam and Sabra Sultana who were in the title roles in this film, this is a great standard film based on the story of two sisters who get married to the same person and create a religious problem.



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