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Yashma Gill Exercise Pictures Stunned All The Fans

Pakistani actress Yashma Gul has revealed about her crush.

Actress Yashma Gul recently appeared on a web show during which she was first asked about Krishna.

In response to the question, actress Yashma Gul said that her first crush was the son of her father’s friend, she was very young at that time and now she does not even know where he will be.

But in the meantime, Yashma suddenly changed her statement and said that her first crush was Bollywood actor Ratheek Roshan.

It may be recalled that earlier actress Rimsha Khan had also declared Rathik Roshan as her crush.

Popular Pakistani television drama actress Yashma Gul has said that as soon as she gets “Right Man”, she will get married soon.

Artist Yashma Gul is also one of the actors who started her career as a child star. She started working in films and TV dramas as a child. Now she is showing her technical skills from secondary characters to central characters.

She started her artistic journey in 2016 with the drama serial “Meri Saheli Meri Bhabhi”. In later years, I begged, watch for two hours, sacrifice, house butterfly copper, where would I be, Uma Haniya, when will I be called, Haradal, when will the band ever play, what day will I get married (Season 4), who will know, now See what God does, sinful, arrogant heart, double love, love name, A, love charity, picture, arrogant and other dramas to work in his abilities. In 2019, the film Rang No. 2 special entry, the film’s Performed in the song “Gali Gali”.

Born in Jahanian, Khanewal, the artist studied physiology at the University of Melbourne. She belonged to a Christian family and later became a Muslim, influenced by the truthfulness and spirituality of Islam. Later she returned to her homeland Pakistan. They had a meeting on showbiz industry and other issues. You can also read.

World: Corona virus is spreading all over the world, is there anyone around you?

Yashma: There is hardly a person left whose house has not been affected by the Corona or any other person. It has not caused a stir, it has caused havoc. So far, millions of people have been affected by this epidemic.

Came positive. A few days ago, I started to feel the symptoms of corona virus, after which I had my test done and quarantined myself before the results came. The same evening my corona test report came back positive, at first I thought not to tell anyone about the corona test, later I realized that no it is wrong, we have to tell everyone to fight this global epidemic ۔

Through social media, I kept in touch with my fans, kept them informed. I appealed to my fans to “pray for my speedy recovery as I am very scared of this virus.” A large number of prayers for speedy recovery were shared by the fans on this message. There were so many messages and good wishes that I never imagined.

Dunya: What did Kaplan plan to do in Pakistan after completing his education in Australia?

Yashma: My hometown is Pakistan where I was born and spent some time as a teenager. My parents had gone to Australia. When they came back, I also preferred to return to my homeland.

Dunya: How did you come up with the idea of ​​acting?

Yashma: There is an artist hidden inside every human being. He is anxious to show his talents. I also have an artist inside me who attracted me to acting despite nothing.

Dunya: Did you face any problems or difficulties while entering the field of acting?

Yashma: It could have happened, but I had some experience due to living abroad, which did not cause any problems. Anyway, now there are a lot of channels, there used to be only one channel, now there are many opportunities and education. It has also reduced the difficulty of winning.

Dunya: It is said that girls face a lot of difficulties to get ahead. Have you had a good experience?

Yashma: In every part of the world, where girls work, there are some kind of problems, women are also harassed. The news of which now becomes the adornment of newspapers every day. Even there, women look scared in the name of freedom, but we are part of the eastern society where the smallest thing gets messed up. As far as I am concerned, no one can do anything if he is good. My experience has been good. I am doing

Dunya: Do you see any change in showbiz?

Yashma: Showbiz has changed a lot now. Girls and boys are educated, studying media science for acting and learning from the academy. Compared to the past, we showbiz people are now more conscious and respectful of each other. Now girls and boys are getting married at their own age while in showbiz. Before that it was very rare.

Dunya: So what do you think about your marriage, when are you doing it?

Yashma: I will get married very soon if I get my right man … I am currently learning a lot by acting.

Dunya: Which serial have you enjoyed working on so far?

Yashma: The drama series “Ki Janamin Koon” and “Kab Meera Kahlao Ge” are serials in which the main character is found, the pleasure of working was realized when my fans recognized me by my name, I was introduced, then enjoyed playing a negative role in the romantic serial “Love Charity”. Performing a vivid role gives the artist a unique identity. As an artist, I now try to sign a live character in which there are many opportunities for performances.

Dunya: There were artistic talents, but which artists also taught the art of acting with confidence?

Yashma: That’s how every artist plays his role in a serial



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