Thursday, April 18, 2024

Zaid Ali Adorable Clicks With Her Statuesque Life Partner

Pakistani-Canadian YouTuber and comedian Zaid Ali and his wife told fans about the sex of their unborn child. In this regard, Zaid Ali uploaded a new family blog on his YouTube channel a few hours ago in which He held a small ceremony.

Zaid Ali and his wife’s family and close relatives attended the ceremony, while Yumna attended the ceremony.

Zaid Ali told family, relatives and fans about the Gender of the baby.

It can be seen in vlog that Yumna has a balloon in his hand on which ‘Girl’ and ‘Boy’ are written in English. As soon as Yumna bursts the balloon, blue paper flowers come out of it. Later it becomes clear that they are about to have a son.

Zaid Ali and his family are overjoyed to learn of this revelation. On the other hand, millions of Zaid Ali around the world. Fans continue to congratulate him.

It should be noted that Zaid Ali had informed through his Instagram post earlier this year that he and Yemeni are going to become parents soon.

It is believed that Zaid Ali, a Pakistani-Canadian star who gained fame through his comedy videos on the internet, married Yemen in August 2017. Zaid Ali, a Pakistani-born Canadian who gained fame through social media, resides in Canada, but was born and raised abroad. Despite this, Zaid has maintained his lifestyle similar to that of traditional Pakistanis.



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