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Zoya nasir celebrates her birthday at the age of 35 with friends

Pakistani actress Zoya Nasir has announced that she will no longer marry her fianc Christian Batsman, citing Christian’s lack of awareness about Pakistan, its culture, people and religion.

It should be noted that Christian Batsman in his Instagram story while addressing the people of Pakistan on the demonstrations in favor of the Palestinians by the people of Pakistan had said that why these demonstrations are not being held for their own people in their country?

“Why are the roads still full of garbage,” he said. Why are people still living on less money? ‘
Christian Batesman then told Pakistanis that when they are littering their country and not helping their people, they should stop being depressed for others.
His comments were generally rejected by Pakistani social media users and responded to on social media, followed by Zoya Nasir announcing on Saturday afternoon that he and Christian Batesman would no longer be getting married.

“There are some religious and social boundaries that should not be crossed under any circumstances, so the decision to secede has been made,” he wrote in an Instagram post.
Despite efforts by the BBC, Zoya Nasir could not be reached.

Zoya Nasir is known for her work in the TV dramas Haniya, Deewangi and Zebaish and she has also done V-logs based on her trip to Pakistan with Christian Batsman.
On social media, Pakistani users were generally seen supporting Zoya Nasir.
One user, Al-Aqsa, wrote that Zoya Nasir took an immediate and inspiring step. “If you don’t get the idea, if things feel suspicious, you should end things before you get into a bad relationship,” wrote Ahsan Tweets, an

They are not talking about Palestine for fear of K, and on the other hand there is Zoya Nasser who ended her engagement because Chris was a ‘supporter of Israel’. Actress, model and YouTuber Zoya Nasir ended her engagement to her longtime friend and German YouTuber who entered the fold of Islam in just two and a half months.

Zoya Nasser got engaged to her longtime friend YouTuber Christine Batesman, also known as Chris Batesman, on the occasion of International Love Day this year.

The two confirmed their engagement on February 19 in a social media and YouTube video.

A few days before the engagement, Zoya Nasser’s German friend had confirmed her conversion to Islam, after which it was rumored that she had converted to Islam out of love for Zoya.



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