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Amazing pics and story of Sunita Marshall Aka Sahiba

Sunita Marshal is an Pakistani actress with immense beauty and talent gifted by Allah.
She works in Pakistani urdu television series and she is also a fashion model who works and promote famous clothing and beauty brands of Pakistan.

Sunita Marshal gained momentum by playing a role in GEO tv drama Khuda aur Mohabbat 3,it is one of the most loved and trending drama going on in Pakistan now.Sunita Marshal plays a role as Sahiba,the wife of the gansgter like person in Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3.

Pakistani Actress and model Sunita Marshall is christian by her religion but she is married to a muslim,Ahsan Khan.They both recently had Amen for their children which people appreciated very much.They both are blessed with 2 sons,Zynah Ahmed and Raakin Ahmed.

Actress Sunita Marshall recently said in an interview that “Social media has became a race now,everybody is trying to impress other people by gaining followers and thats why people are trying to impress other people by being popular,New girls are thinking and realising that wearing short clothes will make them popular”.

The actress further said that If i ever had the problem of clothes or i did not feel comfortable,I will directly go and raise my voice for good.She further added that all upcoming models and actress should also raise voice for themselves if this situation ever happens with them.

If we talk about the social media platforms of Sunita Marshall,then she has a total of 684 thousand followers on her insta handle and her fans and respect is increasing day by day because of her politeness and oriental clothing.
You can see the official handle of Sunita Marshal below this.

Lets take a look at some other pics of Sunita Marshall alone.Let us know in the comment section that what are your views about Sunita
Marshall and which drama of her is your fav.



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