How did Aima Baig lose weight from 75 kg?


Looking at singer Aima Baig, one can hardly believe that she has weighed 75 kg in the past.

Imam, who participated in Nada Yasir’s morning show, told how she tried to lose weight but she also got help from dengue.
According to the imam, hardly anyone believed but my weight was 75 kg.

To the surprise of Nada Yasir, the singer said that she was not very young, then I was 16, 17 years old and I used to go to college but seeing other girls there, I started to feel inferior.

I thought girlfriends wear clothes that I can’t wear because I’m overweight, so I lost weight with great difficulty,” she said.

The imam also revealed that during this time I had dengue and lost a lot of weight which never increased again.

Aima Baig recently got engaged to Shahzagri in a private ceremony. The couple is expected to get married by the end of 2021. They first met in 2019 on the set of Pre-Hit Love


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